Following some minor earlier work, construction of our new Toilet Block has commenced in earnest.

Earlier photos can be found HERE and HERE

We are still in need of funds to complete the work in a timely fashion and would gratefully welcome your financial help.

20 April 2023 - footings and foundations completed, paid for by generous donations and passed by Building Control.

Can you help us finance the brickwork, roof and fitting out by donating?

If so, there are various ways:-

a) By PayPal - Follow the link on our Home Page
b) By using gofundme - details here
c) Direct to our Bank Account - Barclays Yeovil 20 99 40 Account South West Main Line Steam Company t/a Yeovil Railway Centre 70991724 - please mark as Toilet Block donation
d) At one of events, either at the gate or in the Shop

We can claim Gift Aid on small donations of £30 or less. If you are able to donate more please email yeovil and, if appropriate, we will ask you to complete a declaration to enable us to claim an extra 25%.

As at 17 June 2023 the Appeal had raised £23951.99 against a requirement of £40,000-45,000.

Some original detail on the plans are HERE with a link to PayPal for any donations.

5 June 2023
Interior blockwork going up.

6 June 2023
(Photo courtesy Brian Haigh)

Insulation blocks attached.
(Photo courtesy Brian Haigh)

11 June 2023
Progress with brickwork.

Entrance Lane side

Roof trusses have arrived. Making progress!

27 June 2023
Most of brickwork now complete and many roof trusses now in place.
(Photo courtesy Peter Chapman)

Trusses over toilet area in place.
(Photo courtesy Peter Chapman)

Smaller trusses over store area in place!

Coming together.