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Shop Serial No.Title:Date Printed:Author:Publisher:ISBN No. (or similar)Category:(As stored on Bookcase)Price:Condition: (normally Good, otherwise noted)Notes: (Hardback/Paperback,
Date of First Edition ...)
7George Stephenson1975Davies, Hunter Weidenfeld & Nicholson0297-76934 0Biography£5.00  
8Twenty Locomotive Men1964Nock, O SIan Allan Biography£5.00  
11The Railway Engineers1955Nock, O SBatsford Biography £5.00  
13Thomas Brassey, Railway Builder1969Walker, Charles Muller584 10305 0 Biography£4.00  
14Locomotive Engineers of the G W R1946Webb, BenIan Allan Biography £2.00  
16Early Railway exhibition: Paintings, drawings, prints and books III1954Various FTS 1956 Catalogue£3.00 Paperback
17Early Railway exhibition: Paintings, drawings, prints and books III 1956VariousFTS 1956 Catalogue£3.00 Paperback
18Handbooks of the Science Museum: Land Transport III part 11931VariousHMSO 1931  Catalogue£3.00  
19Handbooks of the Science Museum: Land Transport III part 21948VariousHMSO 1948  Catalogue£3.00  
21Railways of England Ackworth, W M Ian Allan General£5.00  
22Titled Trains of G B1983Allen, Cecil JIan Allan  General£4.00 3rd Ed, FP 1946
24The Chronicles of Boulton's Siding1927Bennett, A RLocomotive Publishing Co  General£4.00  
25The Railway Age1937Bruyn Andrews, Cyril Country Life  General£4.00Cover Torn 
26Railway Memories1945Bucknall, Rixon & Budden, D & T J A Allan General£3.00Cover Torn 
31Light Railways: Their Rise and Decline1964Davies, W J K Ian Allan  General£25.00  
32Pictorial Encyclopaedia of Railways1968Hamilton Ellis, C Paul Hamleys General£5.00  
34Steam Portfolio1968Dunnett, Malcolm and othersIan Allan 7110 0044 1General£4.00  
35The Railway Enthusiasts' Bedside Book1966H A Vallance Ed. Batsford General£3.00  
40Decline of Steam1965Gifford, Colin TIan Allan  General£50.00 First Edition 1965
42The Trains We Loved1947Hamilton Ellis, CGeorge Allen & Unwin  General£5.00  
43A Picture History of Railways1956Hamilton Ellis, CHulton Press  General£5.00  
44The Beauty of Old Trains1952Hamilton Ellis, CGeorge Allen & Unwin  General£4.00  
45The Lore of the Train1971Hamilton Ellis, CGeorge Allen & Unwin 0-04-385058-8General£10.00  
46The Four Main Lines1950Hamilton Ellis, CGeorge Allen & Unwin  General£5.00Slight Tear 
48The Engine that Passed1968Hamilton Ellis, CGeorge Allen & Unwin  Locomotives£5.00  
50Railway Designs since 1830, Vol 1: 1830-19141968Haresnape, B Ian Allan7110 0029 8General£5.00  
52London Termini1969Jackson, Alan ADavid & Charles 7153 4474 9General£5.00  
53Penguin Guide to the Railways of Britian1981Jones, Edgar Allen Lane 0 7139 1137 9General£3.00Very Good 
54Veteran & Vintage Series: Railway Carriages 1839-19391964Kichenside, G M Ian Allan General£4.00  
56The Unbeaten Track1944Knox, CollieCassels  General£4.00  
58Farewell to Steam1956Lloyd, Roger George Allen & Unwin  General£3.00  
59Railways1970Loxton, HowardPaul Hamlyn  General£2.00 FP 1963
61Railways and their Future1946Monkswell, LordErnest Benn  General£3.00  
63Steam Nostalgia1972Nabarro, GeraldRoutledge Keegan Paul 0 7100 7391 7General£5.00  
65Branch Lines1957Nock, O SBatsford  General£5.00  
66British Steam Railways1961Nock, O SA & C Black  General£5.00  
68British Trains Past & Present1951Nock, O SBatsford  General£4.00  
69Speed Records on British Railways1971Nock, O SDavid & Charles 0 7153 5342 XGeneral£4.00  
70Steam Railways in Retrospect1966Nock, O SA & C Black  General£5.00  
71The Railways of Britain Past and Present1947Nock, O SBatsford  General£4.00 Hardback
71aThe Railways of Britain Past and Present1962Nock, O SBatsford  General£2.00 Paperback
73The Golden Age of Steam1967Pudney, JHamish Hamilton  General£4.00  
74The Withered Arm1967Roche, T W E Branch Line Handbooks  History/Regional£5.00 Paperback
75The Making of a Railway1971Rolt, L T CEvelyn SBN 238 789General£15.00 First Edition 1971
76Red for Danger1955Rolt, L T CPan  General£1.50  
77Britain's Railways under Steam1965Snell, J BArthur Barker  General£4.00  
78Early Railways1964Snell, J B Weidenfeld & Nicholson  General£4.00  
80Double Headed: Two Generations of Railway Enthusiasm1963Thomas, Gilbert & David St John David & Charles General£3.00  
83Portrait of Steam1967Treacy, Eric Ian Allan  General£8.00  
84Lure of Steam1967Treacy, Eric Ian Allan  General£8.00 2nd Ed FP 1966
85Railway Scrapbook1962Veale, E W P Railway Publications  General£3.00Cover Torn 
88Steam in the Landscape1971Westcott Jones, Kenneth Blandford 0 7131 0542 6General£4.00  
89Main Line Album1964Whitehouse, P B Ian Allan  General£4.00  
90Branch Line Album1962Whitehouse, P B Ian Allan  General£5.00  
91Branch Line Album (2nd Series)1965Whitehouse, P B Ian Allan  General£5.00  
94Railway Anthology1965Whitehouse, P B Ian Allan  General£5.00  
95Railways Today1942Williamson, J WOxford  General£3.00  
102The Narrow Gauge (Spring 1974)1974VariousNarrow Gauge Railway Association  General£1.00 Magazine
104Rails in the Isle of Wight1967Allen, P C & Macleod, A BGeorge Allen & Unwin  History/Regional£5.00  
105Steam in Scotland Vol 11968Anderson, W J VIan Allan  History/Regional£8.00Cover Torn 
106The Somerset & Dorset Railway1967Atthill, RDavid & Charles 7153 4164 2History/Regional£8.00  
113Shadows of the Great Western1972Blenkinsop, R JOxford Press SBN 902 888 17 XHistory/Regional£4.00  
116Our Railway History1945Bucknall, Rixon   History/Regional£4.00 FP 1944
117Our Railway History Part 11944Bucknall, Rixon   History/Regional£5 Set of 3 Paperback
118Our Railway History Part 21944Bucknall, Rixon   History/Regional£5 Set of 3 Paperback
120Llanberis Lake Railway Carrington, D C & Rushworth D CLlanberis Lake Railway  History/Regional£1.00 Paperback
122The Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway1972Cartwright, Ralph & Russell, R T David & Charles0 7153 5500 7History/Regional£5.00Very Good 
123Railway History in Pictures - The Midland1969Casserley, H C & Dorman David & Charles7153 4687 3History/Regional£5.00  
126Stock Changes LMS, GWR, SR, LNER1946Cresswell, A JSwindlehurst & Nicholson  Locomotives£2.00 Paperback
128aA History of the Southern Railway Vol 11963Dendy Marshall, C F (rev. Kidner) Southern Railway History/Regional£20.00  
129Centenary History of the Liverpool-Manchester Railway 1823-19231929Dendy Marshall, C F Locomotive Publishing Co History/Regional£85.00  
131A History of British Railways down to 18301938Dendy Marshall, C F Oxford Press History/Regional£80.00Slight Tear 
132North-Western Album1965Dorman, C CIan Allan  History/Regional£4.00Cover Torn 
133Talyllyn Century (1865-1965)1965Ed. L T C RoltDavid & Charles  History/Regional£5.00  
134The Story of Cornwall's Railways1970Fairclough, ATor Mark Press  History/Regional£4.00 Paperback
139Jubilee Memorial - The Railway System: A History of the Stockton - Darlington Railway 1875Jeans, J SLongman Green, 1875 History/Regional £10.00FairBack Cover Separated
140The Leek, Caldon & Waterhouses Railway1980Jeuden, Basil North Staffordshire Railway 0 907 133 00 2History/Regional£4.00 Paperback
141Memories of the Southwold Railway1970Jenkins, A Barrett F Jenkins  History/Regional£2.00  
144The Evolution of Railways1937Lee, Charles ELondon Railway Gazette 1937  History/Regional£4.00  
147Dorset Railways1982Lucking, J HDovecote Press 0 946159 02 5History/Regional£5.00  
149A History of the Great Western Railway, Vol 1, Part 1 1833-18631927MacDermott, ET Great Western Railway Co History/Regional£50.00 Set of 3 for £120.00
150A History of the Great Western Railway, Vol 1, Part 2 1833-18631927MacDermott, ET Great Western Railway Co History/Regional£50.00 Set of 3
151A History of the Great Western Railway, Vol 2, Part 1 1863-19211927MacDermott, ET Great Western Railway Co History/Regional£50.00 Set of 3
156Settle & Carlisle1979Mitchell, W R & Joy, DavidDalesman Books 0 8520 6499 3History/Regional£4.00 Paperback
158Severn Valley Steam1971Nabarro, GeraldRoutledge Keegan Paul 0 7100 7064 0History/Regional£10.00 Signed by the author
163Scottish Railways1950Nock, O SNelson  History/Regional£5.00Cover Torn 
164A History of the Great Western Railway, Vol 3 1923-19481967Nock, O S Ian Allan History/Regional£10.00  
166Railways at the Turn of the Century, Part 4: 1895-19051969Nock, O S Blandford History/Regional£5.00  
168The GWR in the 19th Century1962Nock, O SIan Allan  History/Regional£10.00  
169Main Lines Across the Border1960Nock, O S & Treacy, EricNelson  History/Regional£5.00Cover Torn 
175A History of the London & North-Western Railway1914Steel, Wilfred L Railway Travel Monthly History/Regional£75.00 First Edition 1914
176The West Highland Railway1965Thomas, JohnDavid & Charles  History/Regional£5.00 Hardback
177Scottish Railway History in Pictures1967Thomas, JohnDavid & Charles 7153 4161 8History/Regional£5.00  
179The North-Eastern Railway - Its Rise and Development Tomlinson, W W A Reid & Co History/Regional£75.00 First Edition
181North Western Steam1963Tuplin, W AGeorge Allen & Unwin  Locomotives£5.00Cover Torn 
182Great Western Steam1958Tuplin, W AGeorge Allen & Unwin  History/Regional£8.00  
183The Tracks of the Royal Scot, Part 1: Euston-Carlisle Vale, Edmund L M S History/Regional£5.00 £10 set of 2
184The Tracks of the Royal Scot, Part 2: Carlisle-Edinburgh Vale, Edmund L M S History/Regional£5.00 £10 set of 2
198British Pacific Locomotives1962Allen, Cecil JIan Allan  Locomotives£6.00  
200Unusual Locomotives1960Carter, Ernest FMuller  Locomotives£4.00  
201Unusual Locomotives1960Carter, Ernest FMuller  Locomotives£4.00  
202Locomotive Cavalcade 1920-511952Casserley, H C   Locomotives£3.00Slight Tear 
205Two Essays in Early Locomotive History1928Dendy Marshall, C F Locomotive Publishing Co Locomotives£75.00  
208The Flying Scotsman 1862-19621962Ellis, MGeorge Allen & Unwin  Locomotives£2.00  
209Some Classic Locomotives1949Hamilton Ellis, CGeorge Allen & Unwin  Locomotives£5.00 First Edition
211Outline of Great Western Locomotive Practice 1837-1947 Holcroft, H Locomotive Publishing Co Locomotives£5.00 2 copies
211aOutline of Great Western Locomotive Practice 1837-1947 Holcroft, H Locomotive Publishing Co Locomotives£5.00Cover Torn2 copies
213International Locomotives1972Le Fleming, H MInst of Mechanical Engineers 0 85298 055 8Locomotives£5.00Cover TornFP 1962
218The Railway Race to the North1958Nock, O SIan Allan  Locomotives£20.00 First edition
218aThe Railway Race to the North1958Nock, O SIan Allan  Locomotives£20.00 First edition
220Historical Steam Locomotives1959Nock, O SA & C Black  Locomotives£5.00  
222Pocket Encyclopedia of Steam Locomotives in Colour1964Nock, O S Blandford Locomotives£4.00  
223Locomotives of Sir Nigel Gresley1963Nock, O S Locomotive Publishing Co Locomotives£6.00  
224Engine 6000: Saga of King George V1972Nock, O SDavid & Charles 0 7153 5916 6Locomotives£5.00  
226British Express Locomotive Development 1896-19481952Poultney, Edward Cyril George Allen & Unwin Locomotives£4.00Cover Torn 
228My Life with Locomotives1962"Rivington"Ian Allan  Locomotives£4.00  
231Veteran & Vintage Series: Steam Locomotives1964Williams, A & Percival, D Ian Allan Locomotives£3.00  
232Famous Railway Engines of the World VariousPercival Marshall  Locomotives£1.00 Paperback leaflet
237Model Railways 1838-19391962Hamilton Ellis, CGeorge Allen & Unwin  Modelling£4.00  
239Steamers of the Forth1976Brodie, IanDavid & Charles 0 7153 7155 XNon-railway£4.00  
244Travel and Transport through the Ages1955Lee, Norman ECambridge University Press  Non-railway£4.00  
251Highball - A Pageant of Trains1945Beebe, LuciusBonanza  Overseas/Travel£3.00  
256Pacific Steam - The British Pacific Locomotives1961Evans, Martin Percival Marshall Locomotives£3.00  
257Atlantic Era - The British Atlantic Locomotives1961Evans, Martin PubPercival Marshall Locomotives£3.00  
259Express Trains, English and Foreign Foxwell & FarrarIan Allan  Overseas/Travel£3.00 FP 1888
262Locomotives of the World1910Howden J RHodder & Stoughton  Overseas/Travel£5.00  
263The Picture Stories of World Railways Johns, ChristopherWorld Distributors  Overseas/Travel£2.00  
266On Railways at Home and Abroad Ransome-Wallis, PSpring Books  Non-railway£3.00  
267On Engines in Britain & France1957Ransome-Wallis, PIan Allan  Locomotives£4.00  


Book Launched 21 September 2003

YEOVIL - 150 YEARS OF RAILWAY HISTORY More copies now available of this excellent book!!

Well known Railway Writer, Brian Jackson has launched his new book, published by The Oakwood Press (Price £14.95).

The book is A5 format, 232 pages of high quality art paper, which includes more than 180 photographs, maps and plans. The book has a colour laminated cover, and a square-backed spine.

This is the story of intense rivalry between the independent railway companies of the Victorian era and their ambitions towards the West of England. The broad gauge Bristol & Exeter Railway and the Great Western Railway, against the standard gauge London & South Western Railway who were held in a stranglehold for 18 years with its route to Exeter and the west by the local Salisbury & Yeovil Railway. Also examined are the many proposed schemes both feasible and impractical that appeared in the early years, not assisted by the topography of the Yeovil area which added to the difficulties when the three routes reached the town, making Yeovil one of those unusual and complex rural railway crossroads.

Fully explained is the removal of the broad gauge and the expansion of the system to its peak, followed by decline as the motor vehicle and bus appeared, the difficulties of two World Wards and Nationalisation. The Beeching Report, the reduction of services, the closure of the Durston branch, and the reduction of the Wilts, Somerset & Weymouth line to a single branch. The battle to save the once fast Salisbury-Exeter route, a racing ground for expresses including the 'Atlantic Coast Express' and the'Devon Belle' reduced to single track with passing loops and hampered by unreliable motive power, until a rethink on policy improved services in 1993.

Today both lines survive, albeit in reduced circumstances, steam specials visiting the Yeovil Steam Centre bring the few locomotive-hauled trains to the town. The history of Yeovil's 150 years of railways has never been covered in one book before, it makes compelling reading.

The Borough of Yeovil
The Race to the West and the Battle of the Gauges
The Bristol & Exeter Railway
The Wilts, Somerset & Weymouth Railway
The Salisbury & Yeovil Railway
The Yeovil & Exeter Railway
Growth and Consolidation
The New Century
The Grouping Years
Motive Power
Beyond Beeching
The Yeovil Town-Yeovil Junction Shuttle
Associated Bus Services
Sundry Working Arrangements
The Yeovil Railway Centre

If you would like a copy but cannot come to the Shop (open Sunday mornings), please get in touch by CLICKING here and we will be pleased to advise the cost of posting a copy to you.
To ensure you do not have a wasted trip (as we do sell out from time to time) you may wish to email us to reserve a copy.


“Down to earth recollections of a Somerset footplateman. Read what is was really like on a steam locomotive.” Colin Robins was born in Crewkerne and worked at Yeovil Town, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Yeovil Pen Mill and finally in Fratton, Portsmouth, during his career.

Original price: £13.50. Our price £10.00 (+ P & P).


The story of how the “Men from the Ministry” were persuaded to allow Oliver Bulleid’s unique design of the “Merchant Navy” 4-6-2 Pacifics, to be developed and built during wartime. These led to the “West Country” and “Battle of Britain” series.

Original Price: £25.00. Our Price: £20.00 (+ P & P). Only one copy available.


The book looks at the history and achievements of the Southern Railway, which accounted for the largest number of passengers and lowest volume of freight of any of the “Big Four” companies.

List Price: £25.00. Our Price: £20.00 (+ P & P) Only one copy available.


Painstaking research by the author throws new light on the way in which Britain’s railways were “stitched up” by powerful political interests in the roads lobby during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Our price £14.99 (+ P & P)

POINT AND SHOOT (Volume 2: ”Locomotives at Work”) by Ted Reading

A photographic memoir, a collection of railway photos taken whilst trainspotting on the Western and Southern Regions for a four-year period from 1961.

Our price £14.95 (+ P & P)

THE FIRST OF THE LAST published by the D400 Group

The life and times of 50050 “Fearless”. Original price: £13.50. Our Price: £10.00 (+ P & P)


The book gives a brief outline of the war service of eleven British, Empire and Allied shipping lines – but why the selection?

MODELS - We have a selection of models which vary according to sales)