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An extract from a report by Hertfordshire Railtours following a visit by the first "Treacle Eater"excursion to Yeovil Junction. A second "Treacle Eater" has since run!:

We had already decided that the servicing of the locomotive (coaling, watering and turning) was to be a quite leisurely affair as the moves involved were a little more complex than might be expected, but given that we had almost three hours there was a potential problem in my mind as to how over 450 people would occupy themselves. I needn't have worried in the slightest!

We had already planned for PECTIN to haul three brake vans up and down the Clifton Maybank spur during the afternoon (a service which was much appreciated and heavily used by everyone on board), but what 1 hadn't expected was the level of additional activity planned around this.

The guided walks to the "Jack-the-Treacle-Eater" folly were much more popular than even our hosts expected and was something I would have liked to have done myself - next time perhaps! The Morris Dancers performing on the platform were a very nice touch, as were the guided tours around the site, the provision of "The Lunch Box", and the Company shop all of which gave people plenty to see and do.

Everyone enjoyed the view of CLAN LINE being turned on the turntable and then running through the station, and the fact that we were all kept very well informed with clear announcements over the public address system was a big bonus too. Attention to detail and the professional approach throughout the day was very much in evidence and much appreciated.

Whether it's our own event that you want to come to or an event laid on especially for you, you can count on your passengers being satisfied customers at the end of the day!

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There is so much to see within a short coach ride from Yeovil Junction Station. Here are some examples:

We can
provide ideas and contacts,
make arrangements, and
service the locos and rolling stock.
Just call us to discuss your requirements.

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On any railtour passengers need servicing just the same as the locos and rolling stock. Here at Yeovil Junction we can combine both activities!

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Positioned as we are at an intersection in the national network, Yeovil Junction offers a variety of routes for locally based railtours in support of local tourism. Locomotive and rolling stock can be kept and maintained on our site at Yeovil Junction:

An alternative concept of the operational base may be the provision of alternative motive power to railtours passing through Yeovil Junction. This would require locomotive owners to base themselves here for a period that would allow them to service a number of different railtour operators. So a trip that commences with diesel power could swap to steam power or vice versa, providing added interest for the passengers.

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Our plans include:

The South West Main Line Steam Company (Yeovil Railway Centre) exists to serve the railtour industry and to promote 'green' tourism in the South West. We offer a unique service to an industry that has taken some knocks in recent years, so we are keen to make our contribution to it's revival and future prosperity.

Our Mission statement below explains how we perceive our contribution:
  • To strengthen our position as an attractive destination for railtour passengers, and achieve a significant market share in this area of the leisure industry.
  • To be the leading operational and servicing facility for preserved Main Line Locomotives (steam or diesel) in this country.
  • To enhance the local environment and help sustain the railway infrastructure in our area.
  • To explore and evaluate opportunities for diversifying the business into related activities.

As a registered charity we rely entirely on income generated from visiting railtours, membership subscriptions and donations.

For further information please contact our Chairman, Paul Gould, on:
Tel: 07970 594797
Correspondence: Yeovil Railway Centre, Yeovil Junction Station, Stoford, YEOVIL, Somerset BA22 9UU

Visitors from 1 December 2001. 32

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